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Beard Oil: Not For Your Beard?

What is the best beard oil for your beard? A lot of beard-owners ask this, but to best answer it we should really take a look at properly reframing the question.

The fact is, Beard Oil is not for your beard. That's correct: beard oil is not for your beard.

It took a long time for me to get on board with actually caring differently for my beard than giving it a regular wash with my ordinary store-bought shampoo. Yes, the blue goop in the bottle. By 2017, I had grown frustrated after five years with a beard having not found a satisfactory care regimen for it. Don't get me wrong; obviously I love my beard—I wanted better care for it. I have always been a person who likes to make things with his hands when possible, so I decided it was time I looked into my old soap-making hobby for a resolution to take care of my beard care problem myself.

But let's not dwell too long on past mistakes, as we take a look at a series of posts about how to best take care of your beard. I did a lot of research here, along with a lot of trial and error. I'm here to pass this knowledge on to you, dear beard owner.

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Oils such as avocado, argan, and capric triglycerides (sometimes known as fractionated coconut oil, or MCT) create a lightweight oil to moisturize your face beneath the depths of your beard.

At the roots, your beard begins wicking moisture away from your face. That's right, a little science here! Capillary action and your beard's coarser texture cause the oils your face produces for itself to be carried away, which is when it starts to become unhappy. When you use a beard oil, you're setting it up for success to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Normal Street Soapworks Beard Oils are composed of fractionated coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil, meadowfoam oil, vitamin E, and fragrance (with unscented options arriving soon!) Fractionated coconut oil is a fascinating item: it causes the oil to be absorbed quickly, leaving your beard feeling non-greasy while providing the moisture barrier you need. Argan, avocado, and meadowfoam are an extra-special treat, providing superb conditioning, and vitamin E is humectant and emollient, conditioning while attracting moisture from the environment. Fragrance choices for the beard oils are pthalate-free, so you can smell fantastic without worry. Try Mahogany, a fan-favorite!

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Pairing quality beard oil with a beard bar composed of carefully-chosen ingredients can give your face and beard the optimal treatment you're looking for.

Itching and flaking can be caused by dryness, so a beard oil is an excellent first step in solving this. It's not, however, a one-size-fits-all solution; don't be afraid of talking to your dermatologist if you need to. Normal Street Soapworks pursues a philosophy of not making claims about products that resolve medical issues, so you'll never see a claim on a Normal Street product that it does something other than moisturize or cleanse. Such claims are not in good faith, and also possibly non-compliant with FDA standards.

Stay tuned, where you can find out what else you can do to take care of your beard hygeine, and some additional uses for beard oils, balms & butters found on our store.

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